Jacob- Thank you for your prior emails and keeping me so well informed on the status of this matter – very much appreciated. Aimee E., Seattle, WA

Debbie,Your reputation for excellent service precedes you and is now confirmed. We received the Apostilles today as promised.

Kathleen R., Seattle, WA

Debbie I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your patience today with all of our questions. You are a Gem!

Lisa G., Portland, OR

Jacob- Thank you for your prior emails and keeping me so well informed on the status of this matter – very much appreciated.
Aimee E., Seattle, WA

You are Golden with us and we so appreciate each one of you.- ALWAYS! Thank you for your constant, continuous, outstanding job performed for us each time we request searches.

Bonnie T., Kennewick, WA

I just wanted to drop a note of thanks for the excellent customer service you and your staff provide to us.

Yesterday our California office requested rush searches for 2 companies. Your staff was able to pull both the California and Delaware searches and email them to me before I left for the day. Our Regional Manager in California was thrilled to have same day results!

Please let your staff know their efforts are appreciated and are a part of our business success!

Cindy K., Lincoln, NE

I really appreciate your help…you guys are a corporate/business lawyers’ dream! You keep us looking good….

Jenny C., Bainbridge Island, WA

Whoa. Can I just stop and say how bloody awesome you are? Seriously. A million thank yous. I was just this past weekend telling one of my former colleagues how thankful I am to work with you guys again. I am overwhelmed by this awesomeness – THANK YOU.

Kimberley T., Seattle, WA

Thank you so very much for the incredible customer service on this one. My high priority issue became your high priority. The Fairchild team consistently amazes me with the level of customer service you provide.

Thank you again!

John M., Lincoln, NE

I wanted to let you know how AWESOME Debbie and Jacob have been today. I started the morning with an urgent email to Debbie, Fanny and Jacob asking someone to call me as soon as they walked in the door. Jacob called – I talked with him and then he recommended I talk with Debbie. Debbie answered my questions, reassured me about the procedures for obtaining an apostille and then, in fact, obtained the apostilles, noticed an error, got the State to fix the error and then drove to a DHL drop box so the documents could get to Romania ASAP. She was amazing!!! I always recommend Fairchild and you consistently have GREAT customer service.

Thank you,
Lorri D., Seattle, WA

Fanny and Jacob, Sending my latest request for service reminded me that I needed to send a special Thank You! to you for the excellent service that you provided covering all of my year-end requests. Actually it was the same, excellent service that you always provide, but this was extraordinary due to the volume, stress and maniacal client (me) that you had to deal with.

Thank you again. Your great service makes me look very good to my attorney and corporate clients.

Luke H., Seattle, WA