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WA SOS Corporation Website Maintenance

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WA SOS Corporations Division Website Maintenance: 7/13/18 – The WA SOS has advised that the corporations division website is currently undergoing maintenance, and the business entity information search function may be non-operational at this time....


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Washington SOS Update: The Washington Secretary of State has confirmed that after today’s closure, they will re-open for normal business hours tomorrow, 6/20/2018.


I just wanted to take a moment and let you know what a good job Cathy is doing for your team.  She was very responsive to the many follow up questions I had on an important rush project.  If I were her, I probably would have gotten annoyed with the multitude of my questions.  Her responsiveness/clarity of answers and her delivery of results was above and beyond.
Mark S.
Jacob, Fanny – I was so impressed with your services. I want service like “I” do things, precise, fast, and fair.. seldom found these days in a world with everything at our fingertips. I also highly support women owned businesses.
Nathan R.

Nathan R.

Vancouver, WA